TOS Command (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters! Ready to go where no CAL has gone before? I know I am!

I am so super excited to share with you the first square of our Star Trek Lapghan CAL. This first square is a 30×30 square worked in the mini C2C crochet method, and it features the insignia for Star Fleet command officers. What’s not to love about that?


You can download the PDF here.

Next week’s square is the insignia for some of my favorite Star Trek crew members: those in the science/medical fields! Mr. Spock might say my love for the blue uniform is illogical, but I’m okay with that!

In a couple of weeks, I will release our alternate squares (TNG Command, Science/Medical, Engineering/Ops, and the Enterprise’s newer registry number NCC-1701-D), as well as our MANY bonus squares, which feature so many of our favorite Star Trek characters!

Ready to get started? Then, engage!

5 thoughts on “TOS Command (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)

  1. Can’t wait to see more panels!!! I love all your works and admire your talent!!

  2. I’m super excited to make this Star Trek CAL, but do you have a video tutorial for the mini c2c? I am new to the c2c method, and could really use all the help I can get! Lol! TIA!

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