Sneak Peek: The Star Trek Lapghan CAL

It’s finally Friday!

This week has felt like forever. I’ve been struggling with my crojo lately, but things are going a little bit better since I decided to switch back to mini C2C and take a swing at the upcoming Star Trek Lapghan CAL.

This CAL is going to be four 30×30 squares worked in mini C2C. Like the Harry Potter CAL, I am using Vanna’s Choice yarns and a size I9/5.5mm hook.

Note: The gold color in the insignia (below) is not Vanna’s Choice. I used up a yarn I had in my stash, and I will be going to the yarn shop this weekend to try and figure out what it was. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know! (But you can basically use any worsted-weight gold yarn you like!)


This CAL will have 4 official squares (TOS-themed) and 4 alternate squares (TNG-themed), all of which will have graphs and written instructions. As you can see from the picture above, three of the squares feature the Star Trek insignia for the three main divisions of Star Fleet: Command (top left), Science/Medical (bottom left), and Operations/Engineering (top right). The fourth square will be similar to the Command square in color but will feature the Enterprise’s registry number: NCC-1701.

There will also be lots of bonus squares (graphs only). And by lots, I mean LOTS. As of this moment, I have designed bonus squares that represent the main characters from TOS and TNG, but there may be more on the way!

Note: I have only seen TOS, TNG, and DS9, so those will probably be the only spin-off series that will be represented in this CAL–for now. I am working on expanding my Star Trek horizons and will soon be moving on to Voyager! But for now, it’s just TOS, TNG, and DS9.

I’m also playing with some fun border ideas for this CAL! Who knows–perhaps we’ll go where no CAL has gone before!

I’m hoping to have the yardage chart available next week. The Star Trek Lapghan CAL will begin Friday, June 3rd!


8 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: The Star Trek Lapghan CAL

      1. Thanks, I figured as much but can’t seem to get my colour changes as “seamless” as with the DC blocks. Maybe I’ll just need to keep on practicing 😉 Either that or stop being such a perfectionist! LOL

  1. Thank you so much for doing a smaller Graphghan this time! My mom is a closet Trekkie and I hope to make this for her to her her up.

  2. Oh my God, finding this page was like finding paradise. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who … And most (well second go HP) of all I LOVE STAR TREK. ESPECIALLY TOS.

    With the new movie coming out next month, this will be perfect!!! Now to figure out how to do C2C…

  3. One more question: on the bonus squares, will there be small let versions of the insignias? I think it would be neat to do this like your other CAL’s and include the characters + Enterprise!

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