R2-D2 (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters!

Beep…boop…beep beeeeep!

There is perhaps no droid that better represents the Star Wars franchise than our beloved R2-D2 unit! Naturally, we had to give this spunky droid its very own square in the Star Wars CAL!


You can download the PDF for the R2-D2 panel here.

This PDF contains the graph and written instructions for working the panel in straight HDC, doubling up the rows/stitches as I am. Remember, the arrows on the graph are designed for those using C2C to work this project.

A special note about this R2-D2 square: don’t use flat black yarn if you’re using the sparkly black yarn for the background. The flat black yarn gets lost and the black border for R2-D2 is difficult to see. Instead, I’ve been using Vanna’s Choice in Charcoal Grey. You can still use black if you prefer–maybe even stitch a grey outline around the outside edge–just do whatever looks best to you!

Yoda, next week’s panel is! Excited, I am!

Happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “R2-D2 (Star Wars CAL)

  1. I would like to print a copy of this as I find it easier to use a paper copy is this possible

  2. How big is the finished blanket? I’m new to c2c. This will be my first one and it will be for my first grand baby! I love this picture and I’m excited to try it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Depending on your hook size and tension, it should be pretty large, close to queen-sized. If you wanted to make it smaller for your grandbaby, try a smaller hook–or you can pick and choose a few squares and put them together!

  3. With the C2C version, would you have a video tutorial on it? I am having trouble with the single squares that are one color. I am using a loop to join the colors but it’s not looking “right” to my eye.
    Any thoughts? I started mine from the top right instead of the bottom right so I could get used to doing the stitches.
    Thank you

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