Storm Trooper (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters!

I still don’t have my crojo back. Between wedding planning, this CAL, and life, I’m finding it a little difficult to keep up. Grr.

BUT, I can still post the graphs! With the weekend coming up, I’m hoping to at least finish start and finish this Storm Trooper. Darth Vader is finally done, but I still haven’t taken a picture of him yet. Whoops.


You can download the PDF for the Storm Trooper panel here.

This PDF contains the graph and written instructions for working the panel in straight HDC, doubling up the rows/stitches as I am.

Note: The arrows on the graph are designed for those using C2C to work this project.

Next week’s panel will be a personal favorite of mine: the Death Star!

As always, happy Friday and happy crafting! <3 <3

4 thoughts on “Storm Trooper (Star Wars CAL)

  1. I’m confused…..clicked on Storm Trooper and keep getting this page for Darth Vader. Where is Storm Trooper please?

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