Star War CAL: An Epic Mistake

I feel like a fool.

A lot of people in our Facebook group–and probably a lot of other crafters doing this CAL with us–have had some trouble following along with the center and alternate center panels, and for good reason.


With the help of one of our fantastic Facebook group members, I finally realized what the problem was: I’d written out the written instructions wrong.

With C2C, you go back and forth across the graph. But since we’re doing straight HDC and we’re doubling up the rows, you’re always starting every first pass of a row on the right-hand side of the graph. When I wrote out the written instructions, I was still going back and forth, right to left, left to right. Oh how wrong I was.

So I went through and updated the PDFs for the center panels. The new PDFs contain clearer “Important Notes” sections and corrected written instructions; the graphs remain the same. These updated PDFs with the corrections are now available here on the blog.

It’s important to note that there are two different ways to read this pattern: from the graph or from the written instructions.

To read from the graph:

  • The first time you work a row, crochet from the right-hand side of the graph to the left-hand side.
  • The second time you work a row, crochet from the left-hand side of the graph to the right-hand side of the graph. Then continue onto the next row.

To read from the written instructions:

  • The first time you work a row, read from the left-hand side of the written instructions to the right-hand side.
  • The first time you work a row, read from the ; right-hand side of the written instructions to the left-hand side. Then continue onto the next row.

If you’ve been following along using the graphs, then you’re doing just fine. If you’ve been following along using only the written instructions, then I apologize for the epic mistake in my written instructions. The Light Saber graphs didn’t need to be fixed because they are symmetrical; each side is the mirror image of the other. Every graph from this point forward for this CAL should be read using the techniques outlined above.

Just goes to show that everyone can make stupid mistakes! <3 <3


Published by Alex Mikkelborg

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11 thoughts on “Star War CAL: An Epic Mistake

  1. I have a question regarding the stitches. If I would use a dc instead of hdc would i still have to do the same row twice or would i get enough height from the dc alone.

    1. I wanted to know if you try doing the dc instead of the two rows, and if it turn out for you?
      I would really like to know, cause I was thinking of doing the same thing..

      1. Yes I did the dc and it turned out awesome. It is much easier to follow the pattern this way. Good luck. Just watch the stitch count on some of the written patterns as I found a few errors but was able to catch it right away. I gave mine to my grandson a couple weeks ago and he loved it. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Happy hooking!

      2. Another question, how did you do the Darth Vader, what colors did you use? Since it’s mostly all black!

      3. I used black. At first I wasn’t sure if it would blend in with the metallic black but it didn’t. If I knew how to send a pic I could show you.

  2. To read from written instructions above …. Should the 2nd paragraph read “the second time you read a row”?

    1. It should. Can I ask what PDF you’re looking at? I’ve tried to go back and find this mistake, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere! I’d like to fix it. 🙂

  3. Hi there. I’ve done all my squares for the Star Was cal. As I am working on the light sabers. I’m a little confused. The pattern calls for chain 11 plus 2 chains. But then states to do 2 hdc for each block. That would give me 22 stitches plus 2 chain for turning. Should I do a chain 22 plus 2 chain for turning? I really appreciate you sharing your patterns. Thank you so much.

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