Tutorial: “Doubled” Straight HDC (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters!

As promised, I’ve made up a video on how to do the straight HDC stitch like we are using for the Star Wars CAL. As you know, I am doubling each stitch per block and repeating each row, essentially “doubling up” on my stitches.

This video, while a long one, covers how to get started using this method, how to read from the graph and the written instructions, how to do your color changes, and how to carry your yarn. It’s a long video, but it’s got lots of good information!

I’ve also worked up a sample straight HDC graph with accompanying written instructions. If you’re new to this method or just need a little extra help, please feel free to check it out!

You can download the sample graph & written instructions PDF here.

3 thoughts on “Tutorial: “Doubled” Straight HDC (Star Wars CAL)

  1. Beautiful will make these for my grandson and daughters boyfriend both big Star War fans.

  2. My apologies to you, I did not see your tut until I went back to you blog again and searched it again and found it, I also heard you use a J hook, so my answers were given to me. But I would like to know why you double up! If I happened to go bobble or popcorn stitch, you wouldn’t have to double up because i would have to come back again so i can be on the right side to do a BS or PCS is that correct. thanks so much for all your help, you are a blessing;)

  3. When doing the HDC stitch do you wrap the yarn around the hook and go through one loop in the stitch below or 2 of the loops. If going through 2 it creates a ridge that I’m not sure is recommended. Thank you!

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