Light Sabers (Star Wars CAL)

Surprise! Since I will be on the road this weekend and I won’t have a chance to share this tomorrow, I’m sharing the next panel(s) of our Star Wars CAL a day early!

I decided to share both light saber panels at the same time because, let’s face it, they’re not nearly as massive as the center panel. And while I can’t share a real picture of my light sabers yet, (I’m almost done with the first one and haven’t started the second one), I figured it was worth a post anyway!


You can download the PDF for the light saber panels here.

This PDF contains an overview of each of the graphs, a larger split-version of the graph that fits on one page since the panels are so long (which you can print, trim and tape together if you are using C2C), and written instructions for working the panel in straight HDC, doubling up the rows/stitches as I am.

I also tried to re-word the instructions on the PDF for these panels in the hope that they might come across more clearly and make more sense!

Next week, I’ll be releasing the PDF for our first character panel: Darth Vader! *cue Imperial March music and labored mechanical breathing*

I have finally made a video on straight HDC that includes how to get started, how to read the graphs, how to double up your rows/stitches per block, how to do the color changes, and how to carry your yarn (whew!), and I hope to have it uploaded this evening. I’ll apologize in advance–it’s a long video! But I hope it will help. I will post it on the blog in a separate post when it is ready, along with the sample graph I used in the video!

In the meantime, happy crafting, and have a great weekend! (I know I will!)

8 thoughts on “Light Sabers (Star Wars CAL)

  1. I am a little confused with this second pattern. With the Star Wars banner it says use a G hook. The Sabers call for an I hook. Did you intend for a change there? Also the way you have written the Saber pattern with the rows worked forward and backwards. Isn’t that the same as we did with the Star Wars banner? Your notes are written like it would be done differently and I am wondering what that difference is. Confused?

    1. You should be using the same size hook as before; that must be a typo! And you should be working the light saber panels back and forth just like the first panel. I edited the instructions to try and make the technique more clear as the instructions that came with the first panel generated a lot of confusion.

  2. My seven year old son will love thiis so i’ll join you making this!
    One question: in the PDF you say: “to do as i do chain 13 (11+2)” but isn’t it: chain 24(22+2) since each row has 22 stitches?
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  3. On row 11 the number of stitches does not equal 22. Trying to figure out where the 5 missing stitches go. Any help on this thought please?

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