Tuesday Tip: Facebook Group Rules

Happy Tuesday, crafters!

I think sometimes the most difficult–and the most rewarding–part of being a crafting blogger is how you are represented on social media platforms. Personally, I prefer Facebook over other platforms, but that’s just me. Last September, I decided that it would be nice to have a forum for my fellow crafters to share in their love of crochet and nerdy things, so I started the Two Hearts Crochet CALs Facebook group.

We now have over 5,800 wonderful members, and it’s proven to be a community of shared ideas and enthusiasms. The members in our group are incredibly supportive of each other and their crafts, and I couldn’t be more pleased with our Two Hearts Crochet family.

Our group is based on this most important virtue: sharing the yarn-crafting love. Got a pic? Share it! Got a pattern? Share it! Got a question? Share it! What to take an idea and make it your own? If the creator of that idea says so, then by all means, share it! This philosophy is probably the reason why our group has done so well.

But it’s critical to note that when you’re a member of a Facebook group, it becomes your responsibility to read, understand, and follow that group’s rules. Our group is pretty lenient, but I know that other groups have rules that are more strict.

Here’s your Tuesday Tip:
Read the group rules, and often.

If you’re a member of the Two Hearts Crochet CALs Facebook group, I encourage you to read the group rules and ask any questions you may have.

If you’re a member of other Facebook groups, I encourage you to do the same–on a regular basis.

If you don’t know the group’s rules, you could easily be violating them without knowing it.

It’s also SUPER INCREDIBLY OUTRAGEOUSLY IMPORTANT to note that group creators/admins have reasons for why their rules are their rules. Sometimes its to protect their designs and keep things in-house; sometimes it’s to keep the group focused on one or two things in particular, rather than a whole bunch of things. 

In any case, please read your group’s rules. There’s usually a good reason for everything!


FUN FACT: When I was first contemplating creating a Facebook group, I was very torn about what I would allow and not allow in the group. Would I allow non-Two Hearts Crochet projects? Would I allow non-crochet related discussions? Ultimately, I decided that if it was yarn-related (or otherwise craftily-inclined), or lovably nerdy in nature, it would be welcome. So far, it’s led to a FANTASTIC group of AMAZING crafters, and I wouldn’t know what I’d do without each and every one of you. <3 <3

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