Tuesday Tip: It’s Okay to Fall Behind

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur for me.

If you haven’t heard, Mr. M. and I got engaged a couple of weeks ago, and we’re having a great time just enjoying our engagement! Our big day is set for August, so while we only have about six months until our wedding, we don’t feel like we’re under a lot of pressure. (It helps that we are planning a laid-back affair with a small guest list!)

Because I’ve been busy trying to get my Save-the-Dates sent out this past week, my crochet time has dwindled a fair bit. When Friday came and it was time to post the Deathly Hallows square for our HP CAL, and I didn’t have the square done yet, I was devastated! I’ve been so on top of everything in the past eight weeks; I couldn’t believe I had actually fallen behind.

But you know what? That’s okay.

It’s OKAY to fall behind once in a while. I’m not the world’s fasted crocheter (I don’t even know how to hold my yarn “properly”), and I’ve got a lot on my plate. I know so many of you are in similar shoes, having families and other personal things going on. It’s impossible to be caught up all the time–even for me, a single woman with a low-key social life and no children or family nearby to spend time with. It’s amazing I stayed caught up for so far! So I just wanted to tell you that it’s OKAY to fall behind. Really.

I will keep the squares for the HP CAL (and the Whovian CAL, and all of my CALs) up on the blog for as long as I can possibly manage. When you’re ready for your next square, it’ll be there!

just finished the Deathly Hallows square today, and Hermione is next. With only a few evenings left to catch up for that Friday deadline–and a dinner party on Thursday night–I don’t think she’ll be ready in time for me to share pictures. The pattern, however, is ready to go, so it’ll be posted one way or another come Friday morning!

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve fallen behind. If you’re afraid that the squares are going to disappear on you or that you won’t be able to access them in the future, you can always download them to your computer for later use. Like I said, I’ll do everything in my power to keep them available to all of you lovely crafters!

You probably won’t hear much from me in the next few days, but stay turned for the pattern for Hermione! She’s got two different versions of her square: smaller figure and full face.

Happy crafting!

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