The Star Wars CAL Yardage & Color Chart

It seems the more of these CALs we do, the easier these charts are to make! I was able to put this one together in just a couple of days–even I’m amazed!

The figures in this chart (#of skeins required, etc.) are calculated based off of a measurement I took that calculated the amount of yarn required per “block” on the graph if I use straight HDC and a G-6/4.00mm crochet hook (given that I will be doing 2 HDC per block and doing each row twice, essentially making it 2×2).

That being said, you will certainly be able to use the graphs herein with any other stitch you prefer–but the yardage will be different, and I have no plans to make another version of this chart to account for a different stitch/hook size, etc.

This PDF has TWO sets of charts:

  • The first chart (on page 2 of the PDF) lists all the colors needed for all of the panels I will be crocheting in the background color I will be using. If you plan to use another background color, you may need to rework your calculations to get an accurate number of skeins required.
  • The “second” chart is actually a set of charts (pages 3-9 of the PDF) for each of the different panels, including the alternate center panel AND the alternate character panels. While I won’t be using a lot of these in my blanket, I wanted to provide you with the number of skeins required for them, too!

You can download the Star Wars CAL Yardage & Color Chart PDF here!

UPDATE: The file at the link above has been updated to properly project the amount of yarn needed that is listed on the first chart (page 2 of the PDF). The previous version of this PDF had a bad calculation for the total yarn amounts, and this version has now been updated and is correct.

It also has a little sneak peek at all of the alternate squares! I just love that little Ewok, don’t you?


The Star Wars CAL will begin
Friday, April 1st, 2016!

5 thoughts on “The Star Wars CAL Yardage & Color Chart

  1. How do I join? I know how to read a chart. Do you send out a chart of each square and we work on it together and then recurve a second one and so on until we are finished ? New to cals

    1. That’s exactly it! I will post a new square each week. We also have a great Facebook group! Just search for the “Two Hearts Crochet CALs” group on Facebook and send a membership request!

  2. I have never crocheted graphics. What kind of stitches are used? Is it the same stitch throughout?

    1. Lots of different stitches can be used with graphghans. A really popular stitch is called C2C or Corner-To-Corner. I have some videos here on the blog if you want to check them out! All of my CALs (up until now) have been C2C, and the results are pretty great.

      My next CAL will be done in plain HDC stitches. The graphs are all similar to my previous CALs, but to make my squares big enough, I will be doing 2 HDCs per “block” on the graph and then doubling each row to get the height doubled, too (essentially making each “block 2 HDC x 2 HDC). The same stitch will be used throughout!

      There are lots of really great videos on graphghans online, especially regarding color changes. Hope that helps!

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