Square #8: The Sorting Hat (Harry Potter CAL)

Hello crafters, and happy Friday!

Even though I had Monday off from work for President’s Day, and so my work week has only been a short one, it has felt like such a long week! I am so excited to get into this weekend and get some real work done on some wedding planning (!), house remodel projects, and this Harry Potter CAL!

This week’s square is the beloved Sorting Hat! I’ve been asked why I opted for purple instead of brownish orange like in the movies, and the only explanation I can give is that I always pictured the Sorting Hat to be purple. Don’t know why, but that’s what has always popped up in my head.

I also wasn’t quite sure about the purple and the yellow combination (we’re a Coug house, so Husky colors are not found in our home!). But the more I look at it, the more I see exactly what I wanted to see: my purple Sorting Hat against Hufflepuff yellow! #hufflepuffpride

HP CAL Square #8 (1 of 2)

HP CAL Square #8 (2 of 2)

The PDF pattern contains graphs and written instructions

You can download the PDF for square #8 here!

The PDF contains graphs (with arrows!) and written instructions for the square. The square is designed to be worked from the lower right-hand corner up to the upper left-hand corner.

Square #9 is up next, and it’s none other than the lovable Ron Weasley!

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