Bonus Squares: The Hogwarts Houses (Harry Potter CAL)

Hello, crafters! Do I have a treat for you!

After much contemplation (and some encouraging nudges), I decided that the Hogwarts CAL needed some bonus squares that reflected each of the four Hogwarts houses. So here they are! (Isn’t that Hufflepuff badger just adorable?!)

These are what I call “bonus” squares, meaning that they are graph-only and have no written instructions.

You can download the PDF for all four houses here!

Aside from the forthcoming squares that remain for the CAL, I also plan on working up AT LEAST two different banners for this project, possibly more. These will be graphs only.

5 thoughts on “Bonus Squares: The Hogwarts Houses (Harry Potter CAL)

  1. Hi, Have you finished the 2 banners yet?
    I love your graphghan!!!
    I can’t wait to get going..

  2. I know these patterns were posted a long time ago but can someone tell me which squares on the Ravenclaw crest are honey? They all look like the color in the chart on the side is mustard

  3. I have the same question as Fay Lynn… what is Honey and what is Mustard on the Ravenclaw crest? Thanks!

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