Tuesday Tip: Planning Ahead

Happy Tuesday, crafters!

With the Harry Potter CAL underway, I find that my eye is constantly being drawn toward other fun ideas for CAL projects.

2016 is going to be a really fun year for the Two Hearts Crochet family. With so many fun projects ahead, I knew I needed to make a game plan!

Here’s your Tuesday Tip for the week:

If you’ve got a lot of projects to get done, write them down!

I am a list and calendar kind of girl. I like to have things written out in a way so that I can see at a glance what needs to get done. Crocheting is no exception!

I took one of my many 2016 calendars and decided to dedicate it wholly to my 2016 crochet along projects. The next twelve months look a little like this:

  • January – March 2016
  • April – May 2016
    • Star Wars CAL
  • June – July2016
    • Star Trek Lapghan CAL
  • August- September 2016
    • Disney Princess CAL
  • October – November 2016
    • Dinosaur CALN– September 2016
  • December
    • No CAL has been planned for this part of the year, but I will be working on a C2C blanket for my brother, which will be a giant version of the Philadelphia Eagles logo. The graph and color chart will be posted on the blog!

How did I predict how long each project will take?

Most of these CALs will be worked in the C2C method (some may be straight HDC or DC instead), and most of them will consist of a series of small-ish squares to be joined together. I know that I can produce one square per week (in most cases), so I averaged out the number of squares per CAL and estimated the number of weeks needed to complete the CAL.

The Dinosaur CAL, for example, will consist of 6 squares, so I rounded up to about 8 weeks, which is most of both October & September.

I have no idea how long the Philadelphia Eagles blanket will take, so I just set aside the last few months of the year for it. If I finish early, great! I can work on presents. If not, oh well!

The point is, it’s good to have a plan, especially when you’ve got a lot on your crochet plate!

Happy Tuesday, and happy crafting!


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