Square #1: The Hogwarts Crest (Harry Potter CAL)

It’s time for some stitchcraft and wizardry–let’s get started on our Harry Potter Crochet Along!

This CAL will consist of 1 large (50×50) center square and 12 smaller (25×25) surrounding squares. There will also be several alternate squares and possibly even some bonus squares on top of that!

The first square of this CAL is the Hogwarts Crest! This square comes in two different versions: a detailed version that includes house animals and a simplified version that doesn’t.

While the simplified version has much fewer color changes, I decided to go with the detailed version because I just couldn’t resist that little Hufflepuff badger!

HP CAL Square #1-1

HP CAL Square #1-2

You can download the PDF for square #1 here!

The PDF contains graphs (with arrows!) and written instructions for both versions of this square. The detailed version is first, and the simplified version is listed after that (so scroll down to see it!). The square is designed to be worked from the lower right-hand corner up to the upper left-hand corner.

Bonus: I’ve included written instructions on how to do the modified or “mini” C2C stitch (worked in HDC instead of DC) on the graphs themselves. That way you can keep a handy reminder with you as you crochet!

Accio crochet hook!


How to do the modified or “mini” C2C stitch:

Increasing Rows (#s 1-50)

First block of the row: Ch 4. Work 1 hdc in the 3rd chain space from the hook and in the next chain space.

Remaining blocks of the row: Join to the next block with a slip stitch in the “gap”. Ch 2. Work 2 hdc in the “gap”.

Decreasing Rows (#s 51-99)

First block of the row: Work 2 slip stitches up the edge of the work to get to the top row. Ch 2. Work 2 hdc in the “gap”.

Remaining blocks of the row: Join to the next block with a slip stitch in the “gap”. Ch 2. Work 2 hdc in the “gap”.

53 thoughts on “Square #1: The Hogwarts Crest (Harry Potter CAL)

    1. Which crochet crowd video is it please, I’d live to make thus for one of my daughters but can’t do c2c and if I can do it in hcd would be o much easier. Thanks

  1. Would you or (anyone else)happen to know if I can follow this pattern as written and still have it come out properly even if I’m a lefty? I’m so excited to start but worried that it won’t turn out correctly if done left handed. I very much appreciate any help! Thanks so much!!

  2. Do you do a SC border around when the square is finished? And if so, how many sc per side and in the corner do you recommend?

    1. Yes! 2 sc per each exposed side of each block. Should be 100 sc per side of the square. 🙂 I don’t work any extra sc in the corners, but you can if you feel you need to!

  3. What an enormous amount of work this must have been – thanks so much for sharing with everyone! Going through my stash right now to work out what I have and what I need 🙂

  4. Hi! I love this CAL so far! I had a question for you. Were the yardage estimates you posted before for the large version (in dc, I’m assuming) or the mini version (in hdc)? For some reason I assumed the blanket was done in dc, but it looks like the whole thing was planned in hdc? Thank you!

  5. Thank you Two Hearts Crochet! Keep me posted. I’ll try it from the bottom left corner as I’m too eager to get started. Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how it turns out!

      1. Hi!
        I actually started from the bottom right corner and it worked out beautifully! Use bobbins. There’s way to many colours to weave in!

  6. Amazing!! So excited to get started! What’s the basic measurement of this big center square when finished? I’ve seen some people do it using hdc in rows and it looks like it comes out smaller….just eyeballing the size…thanks!

  7. I am doing a huge blanket and I want to do the always quote in bobble stitch it’s 301×301 do you have any suggestions for graphing out something that big?

  8. What are the dimensions of the small squares. I want to know whether I am crocheting too loosely. Maybe I should switch to a smaller hook. I am only halfway finished

  9. I misread this and start this square using DC for the C2C. Im halfway done with this square already and don’t want to start over. Is there a way to alter the other squares so that they fit around this square evenly?

  10. I started this square a couple weeks ago. I am just about 1/2 way done, and I started it in DC instead of HDC it is huge! Still love it though 😍😍

  11. looking for what colors the abbreviations stand for. I don’t see anything here that tells

    1. On the written instructions for each square, an abbreviation key can be found in the upper right-hand corner. This grey box will list all the color abbreviations used in that design. Hope that helps!

  12. Hi, I’m loving this design! My best friend is having a baby this year and we’re both Harry Potter mad so I’m going to try and make this for her. I’m quite new to crochet so I wondered if you could answer a question. With all the colour changes in the squares did you just have a lot of ends that you had to weave in at the end, or would you recommend using bobbins?

    Thanks again 🙂

  13. Hi, ive just learnt tradition c2c (4ch, 3dc) and was wondering if these graphs would work in that as well?


  14. So for the Simple Version would we just not change color as often ? If that makes any sense at all. I’m still sorta new to this so I’m trying to figure it out.

  15. If I did this in hdc rather than c2c would the dimensions be similar? Also would it still be one hdc per square like in sc? Or more? I don’t get on with c2c so would rather donlike sc but want bigger.

    1. Hi Lucy! I think the dimensions would be similar, but you might want to try making a sample swatch and see how you like the dimensions of hdc. You may have to do multiple hdc per “block” on the graph to keep the designs square. Happy crafting!

  16. I was curious how to go about making this square large enough to be an entire blanket? What should I multiply by? Thanks!

  17. Hola!!! Me encanta el diseño, lo encontré ahora por casualidad y lo haré para mis hijos que son unos frikis (bueno, ellos y yo jeje). Lo que he buscado por todos los lados es el borde de arriba que pone Harry Potter, pero no lo encuentro, donde lo podría encontrar??
    Mil gracias y eres increíble compartiendo tus diseños.

  18. Hi it is now December 2018, Just found your site and am stoked that you have a Harry Potter Blanket. can’t wait to start it. Many Many thanks for all the hard work you put into this.

  19. Hi
    I have been working my first CAL, using hdc. I am working on the easier Crest and I am at the first decreasing row. I am not understanding the instructions. Is there a video? I don’t understand where to work 2 slip stiches.

  20. I think there is a mistake on simple hogwarts crest square 1 as on row 82 at the end it says 1b,2b.
    I have just finished at it is beautiful, thank you for sharing with us x

  21. I just found this wonderful CAL and am so thankful for all you have put into it! Getting started right away to make my 30 year old nerd of a son that is Harry Potter crazy like his Mom a wonderful surprise! Just perfect!

  22. Hi, just found these wonderful patterns, thank you! I was wondering did you do the crest in the “mini” stitch and the remainder of squares also or are the squares done the traditional C2C way?

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