Go With The Flow Super Scarf

Happy Friday, crafters! It’s been a while since we’ve done a pattern share here on the blog, and I think I’ve found just the thing. If you’re like me, you’re probably whipping out tons of crochet scarves for the holidays! I’m even planning on posting my own super simple scarf pattern in the next fewContinue reading “Go With The Flow Super Scarf”

The Crafters Have Chosen: it’s a Peanuts CAL!

Hello, crafters! A short while ago, we announced the upcoming CALs for 2017. We also asked your help in determining what our third and final CAL for next year should be in this poll, and we’re excited to say that the results are finally in! It was a close run between a Muppets and aContinue reading “The Crafters Have Chosen: it’s a Peanuts CAL!”

The Dino CAL: T-Rex

  Happy Friday, crafters! Today marks the release of the last official square of our Dino CAl, but don’t despair! I have a couple of bonus (graph-only) squares designed and I’m hoping to share those soon. Our last official square features perhaps the most iconic of all dinosaurs: the T-Rex! *cue Jurassic Park theme music*Continue reading “The Dino CAL: T-Rex”

Stylecraft Special DK Yarn: A Review

Happy Tuesday, crafters! It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper Tuesday Tip blog post, but I think this one will be worth it. As a crocheter in the United States, my local yarn choices can be somewhat limited. For years, I used what was available to me–mostly Vanna’s Choice or Red Heart yarns.Continue reading “Stylecraft Special DK Yarn: A Review”

Corner-To-Corner Nintendo Controller Blanket

There’s perhaps nothing quite as nostalgic (and awesome) as a classic Nintendo. I’m talking Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Duck Hunt–all classic games from an era where games were about pure fun and friendly competition. After all, who hasn’t held an all-night Tetris marathon, am I right? Some of you know that I had purposefully set aside theContinue reading “Corner-To-Corner Nintendo Controller Blanket”

One-Sken Wonder Giveaway!

What’s more lovely than crochet on a fall day? Not much, that’s for sure! To celebrate the heart of fall upon us, we’re hosting a one-skein wonder giveaway event! We’re giving away some Cascade Pacific Yarn to FIVE lucky winners! Just look at those beautiful colors! EDIT: Congratulations to our five winners: Nancy Byrne, Debbie Richardson,Continue reading “One-Sken Wonder Giveaway!”

The Dino CAL: Triceratops

Happy Friday, crafters! This week’s square features one of my all-time favorite dinosaurs: the triceratops. Ever since I was little and watched The Land Before Time, I loved the three-horns. Maybe I’m not of popular opinion in that regard, but oh well. Three-horns for the win! I got about halfway done with my triceratops squareContinue reading “The Dino CAL: Triceratops”

The Dino CAL: Pterodactyl

  Happy Friday, crafters! With another Friday comes another square for our Dino CAL. This dinosaur is perhaps one of the most iconic dinosaurs and a favorite of many younglings around the world: the pterodactyl! I am almost finished with my pterodactyl square, but not quite. I hope to be finished over the weekend–maybe even tonight!Continue reading “The Dino CAL: Pterodactyl”