Progress Report: The Hogwarts Crest (Harry Potter CAL)

Want a sneak peek of the first square of the upcoming Harry Potter CAL? Then do I have the Christmas present for you!


This square has SO many color changes. The simplified version will obviously have many fewer changes, but the detailed version is coming along great! My yarn is kind of a tangled mess, but as I finish the lower left of the square and move past the center “H”, the color changes will become fewer and fewer, and the yarn selection I use will become smaller and smaller. Hooray for progress! I’ve just finished row 55, and I plan to make some serious progress on this over the weekend.

My favorite part so far? Definitely the Hufflepuff badger. He’s so cute!

I’ve also been thinking of backing this blanket with fleece or flannel. Due to the smaller stitch (HDC vs DC), there is less yarn used than in the Whovian CAL. As I’m working on this square, it feels a lot lighter than the squares of the Whovian CAL, and I think adding a fabric backing wouldn’t make it much heavier. Plus, I could avoid all of those pesky ends! What to do, what to do…

Whether you plan on doing the simplified version or the detailed version, this first square is going to turn out amazing. It’s the perfect center square for this project!

Only NINE more days until the Harry Potter CAL begins! Accio crochet hook!

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