10 Great Yarns for Any Project

I am a little better at holiday shopping than Mr. M. is. He tries really hard, but he isn’t very good at hiding things he’s purchased.

This weekend, for instance, he came home from a model train club meeting carrying his train case (a fantastic anniversary present I bought for him!), and what did I spy on the other side of that case? Why, a teal-colored bag from my favorite yarn store!

To be fair, he tried really hard to hide it from me. While I don’t know exactly what’s inside, I know that it’s probably some yarn that I just won’t buy for myself.

Mr. M. always goes with me to my favorite yarn store. He takes a great deal of interest in my yarn, as I do in his trains, so I know that whatever he purchased, it is sure to be wonderful.

My favorite local yarn shop is Paradise Fibers in Spokane, Washington. While they don’t carry all of my favorite yarns, they do carry a lot of them! Here is a list of my top 10 favorite yarns and where to find them!

910. Caron One Pound

I like this yarn a lot, particularly because of the large quantities! The Yarnspirations website lists several different color options, but I’ve found that my local stores don’t tend to carry very many. The weight is the same as Red Heart Super Saver, but the yarn itself isn’t as scratchy. You can find a one-pound skein of this yarn on the Yarnspirations website for $8.99. This yarn can also often be found at your local Michaels and Jo-Anns.


9. Red Heart Soft

Red Heart Soft is a line of yarn I often have on-hand, due to the price point, the color selection, and the availability at my local stores. It also comes in a variety of colors, but it is so much softer than Red Heart Super Saver. You can find a skein of this yarn at Red Heart’s website for $3.99. This yarn can also often be found at your local Michaels and Jo-Anns.


8. Cascade Pacific Acrylic Merino Superwash Yarn

What a name! This yarn is 100% acrylic, but it is so nice to work with. It slides easily–but not too easily–on your hook, and it comes in the prettiest colors. Each skein costs $7.50 on the Paradise Fibers website, but they often have sales that bring the price down to around $4.50 or so. It also comes in variegated colors!


7. Cascade Pacific CHUNKY Yarn

Like it’s worsted-weight brother, this yarn is 100% acrlyic and a pleasure to work with. It comes in a variety of colors in both solid and variegated options! You can purchase a single skein of this yarn on the Paradise Fibers Website for $7.49–but again, they often have sales!


6. Scheepjes Colour Crafter Yarn

This yarn is new to the Paradise Fibers inventory. And, having heard so much about it from other crafters from across the pond, I knew I had to give it a go! It’s quite soft and easy to crochet with, and the price point is wonderful! You can purcahse a skein of this yarn in several dozen colors for $3.95 from the Paradise Fibers website.


5. Vanna’s Choice Yarn

This is a go-to yarn for me, primarily because it is often on sale at my local shops and because of the color selection. It is softer than Red Heart Super Saver and comes in tons of colors. And at $4.39 per skein on the Lion Brand website, what’s not to love? This yarn can also often be found at your local Michaels and Jo-Anns.


4. Palouse Yarn Company Merino Fine Yarn

This yarn is both beautiful and local, and I love to support beautiful and local things! The Palouse Yarn Company hails from northern Idaho not far from where I have spent the last 10 years of my life. Their yarn is gorgeous, but it is more of a delicacy than a staple. At $24.95 per hank, it isn’t a yarn I will buy every week, but it is one that I’ll buy for somebody REALLY special! You can find it on the Paradise Fibers website.


3. Dream in Color Smooshy Handpainted Sock Yarn

This yarn is a different weight than what I usually use, but the colors are stunning! It is hand-dyed merino wool that shines and shimmers in the most brilliant It’s also a little pricey (coming in at $24.00 per hank), but it’s just to “dye” for! (Get it?) One hank will also make up one whole pair of most sizes of socks. You can find it here on the Paradise Fibers website.


2. Malbrigo Merino Worsted Weight Wool Yarn

This yarn has the most beautiful colorways I have ever seen. In both solids and variegated varieties, this yarn is simply stunning. I’m currently working on a mermaid tail blanket with several strands of this yarn for my baby cousin, and the results are gorgeous! You can find it on the Paradise Fibers website at $11.60 per hank. Malbrigo also carries a couple larger lines of similar wool yarn, called Mecha Bulky (bulky) and Rasta (extra bulky), both of which come in similarly beautiful colorways. Love them!


1. Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky Yarn

This yarn is my favorite simply because it is so incredibly soft. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a softer yarn before, and it is my absolute favorite for making cuddly-cozy scarves. If I ever decide to make myself a fancy sweater out of something, this would be the yarn! It comes in a couple dozen different colorways, and I love them all–Sunflower, Olivine, Burnt Orange and Emerald City are probably my favorites. You can purchase a hank of this wonderfully soft yarn from the Paradise Fibers website for a fairly reasonable $14.50. Sadly, they are out of stock of many of the colorways and have been for a while now. They are slowly restocking; I don’t know if it has something to do with a problem with the Cascade Yarn company or something else, but I hope it is resolved soon!

Whether or not Mr. M. knows that these are my favorite yarns could determine what it is that he’s hidden away from me. I purchase most of these yarns on a fairly regular basis, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see after the Christmas holiday!

Happy holidays, and happy crafting!

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EDIT: I have a new top favorite, so we’ll call it a bonus on this list. It’s Stylecraft Special DK yarn, and I love it for many reasons–mostly because it is super affordable (about $1.54 per skein), super soft, and it comes in over 80 different beautiful shades. Seriously, LOVE!

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