Upcoming CALs!

Want to know what’s on the to-do list here at Two Hearts Crochet? Take a look at the upcoming CALs for 2017 (and possibly beyond)!

February-March 2017

  • Firefly CAL
  • You can find all the shiny details about the Firefly CAL here!
  • The Firefly CAL starts Friday, February 3rd!

April-June 2017

  • Game of Thrones CAL
  • There will be a total of 14Β rectangular panels to choose from (dimensions are still TBD), which will feature the following houses/groups:
    • House Stark
    • House Lannister
    • House Baratheon (as in Robert Baratheon)
    • House Baratheon (as in Stannis Baratheon)
    • House Targaryen
    • House Arryn
    • House Tyrell
    • House Martell
    • House Greyjoy
    • House Tully
    • House Frey
    • House Bolton
    • House Mormont
    • House Baelish
  • Other possible designs might include:
    • House Clegane
    • The Lord of Light
    • The Many-Faced God of Death
    • The Old Gods
    • The Seven
    • Dothraki
  • The GoT CAL will start Friday, April 7th!

August-October 2017

  • Crafter’s Choice CAL
  • The votes are in–the Crafter’s Choice CAL will be a Peanuts CAL!
  • View the poll here!
  • Further details to come, but it will start Friday, August 4th!

November-December 2017

  • At this time, I have not planned any major CAL projects due to the holiday season. There may be some small projects here and there as time permits.

Stay tuned for more details all of these projects!

46 thoughts on “Upcoming CALs!

  1. Hi, your yarn list for the HP cal in Jan recommends Vannas and red heart super saver both of which are difficult to get in the UK . What weight are these yarns ?? DK or light worsted are the most popular with a better colour range ??

    1. Of course! That will be a little bit smaller/thinner yarn than what I am using, which means that even if you use the same size hook as I do (size I/5.5mm), your squares might come out smaller. You may want to adjust your hook size and use the size that the label on your yarn recommends. You can always add borders to each square to make them bigger if you like, or you could make some of the alternate squares to add to the blanket. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  2. Would you consider doing the Eagles one as a CAL when you get to it. I would definitely participate in that one for my husband for Christmas if you did!

  3. WIll the Dino CAL be completed by the 29th of September? My son is a Dinosaur fan and his birthday is the 30th of Septemer!

  4. Firefly!!! That’s so exciting!
    I am getting ready to start the doctor who one…But I might have to fight my son for it…LOL
    Any plans for a Star Wars one? I could keep the Doctor Who for myself if my son gets a Star Wars one πŸ˜‰
    I’m excited and nervous as this will be my first graphgan. I love the c2c so i hope that helps. πŸ™‚ thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing these great projects. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year!

  5. not that you don’t already have a full calendar but… a pokemon CAL would be SO COOL! I have 4 “kids” that would love to have me slave over a blanket like that for them lol =)

  6. OMG Star Trek!! My daughter will be over the moon for that one. Please include Nurse Chapel, Yeoman Rand , Sarek & Amanda (even as bonus squares please)

  7. Definitely super thrilled at your plans for Star Trek, The Next Generation! That’s my husband’s Christmas present sorted πŸ™‚ I was sharing with him your upcoming CALs and could see his glazed expression…until I mentioned TNG!! “Oh! That would be SO cool!!” …gone was the glazed expression, permission granted to go yarn shopping as soon as your graphs are online! LOL πŸ™‚

    1. Brenda, I got the same response from my son from my crocheting when he saw the Star Wars CAL!
      He always is “Mom, you’re always crocheting, talking crocheting, and it’s boring”
      He saw the Star Wars CAL, and suddenly Mom’s crocheting wasn’t so boring!

  8. My sincerest complements. Can’t wait to start your CAL and looking forward to the Star Wars and Star Trek and Firefly.

  9. Hi! I am so excited about the upcoming Star Wars, Star Trek and Firefly(!!!) CAL…thank you so much! I love the Doctor Who and HP squares, even though I have several projects to finish before I can start something for me.

  10. I have never done c2c before but pic up new stitches quicky, do you think its doable? I would really love to be part of the Star Wars and Princess Call for sure.

    1. I haven’t started it yet, so I’m unable to estimate the size of each square just yet, nor the soze of the whole blanket. As soon as I know nore, I will share!


    The Disney Princess CAL is going to be amazing and I am definitely doing that one alllll for myself! πŸ™‚

  12. Firefly…. I’m swooning!!! That is going to be too awesome, I can’t wait! I did the Star Wars CAL, and love it!! Can I do any of the graph patterns in the 2HDC instead of c2c, sine I’ve never done c2c?

  13. I braved learning the C2C with the Doctor Who, it really came together quickly and not as scary to do as I thought. I currently have a Doctor Who basket going and a Star Wars basket going since I just recently found your site. I am seeing Disney Princesses in my future, along with playing catch up with Harry Potter, and Firefly is definitely on my list. Love the CAL because they are not too hot to work on year around. I have a large afghan going that is just too warm to work under during the summer.

  14. When Will there be a yarn and color yardage chart availeble for the princess CAL?? It would be Nice to know what yarn and wich colors to buy. πŸ™‚

  15. I have a few suggestions. Supernatural, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel & the Dukes of Hazzard.

  16. Really looking forward to the Game of Thrones cal next yr. I will actually brave the blood, sweat and tears of a c2c graph (not my fav) just to make this!

    1. I’m looking forward to it, too! If you prefer, you can always use my graphs and use sc or hdc for the blocks. Then you don’t have to use C2C! πŸ™‚

  17. Thanks for sharing all the fabulous graphs! Any chance a looneytunes/bugs bunny would be a future CAL?
    Am deciding on HP or Star Wars for my nephew-thanks for offering both:) great site!

  18. I came across the Firefly graphgan and I am blown away! My son is a huge fan and I ordered the yarn and printed the charts even before I saw the video on C2C. This is new to me but I sat about doing it with your video today and caught right on to it! I CANNOT wait for my yarn to arrive. I will have this done for Christmas. You are awesome, thanks so much. Now if we could do Downton Abbey =0} Really though, I admire the hard work and effort you put into this and to offer the charts for free – you ROCK!

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