The Completed Whovian CAL


It’s rather fitting that I finished my Whovian graphghan on the same day that I finished the ninth series of Doctor Who. Both left me feeling simultaneously happy and sad.

I am so excited that this blanket is finished, and it came out wonderfully. I can honestly say that I don’t have any regrets about this blanket–I love the colors, the square choices, and even the decision to omit the top/bottom panels.

Whovian Graphghan (1 of 3)

Whovian Graphghan (3 of 3)

It fits my queen-sized bed perfectly, and it’s so nice and warm–perfect for these winter nights!

I have a video still to post regarding the joining of my squares, which I hope to have uploaded later tonight. After that, the Whovian CAL will be officially complete! It’s both sad and exciting, but there are some really fun things to come in the next few weeks.

I’ve finished one of three Christmas scarves, and I still have several amigurumi figures to finish (two Pocahontas dolls; Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora dolls; and a Doctor and Tardis) before Christmas. Doable? Yes indeed!

After the Christmas gifts are done, it’s full speed ahead on the Harry Potter CAL!

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