Progress Report: The Whovian CAL

Happy Tuesday, crafters!

The Thanksgiving holiday gave me several useful hours of crochet, which I was smart enough to put to good use. Mr. M. drove us 300 miles to the other side of the state, and we made most of the trip in daylight. I was happy to use the 5+ hours to weave in all of those pesky yarn tails for my Whovian graphghan.

That’s right–all the ends are woven in! I never thought this day would come!

I learned my lesson for next time: weave the ends of a square in as you go–don’t save them for the end of the CAL. Like any crafter, I loathe weaving in my yarn tails. It takes so much time and effort, and it just makes me cranky. Next time, I’ll be prepared!

Frankly, I think that the weaving in the ends bit is the most daunting part of CAL like this. Working each square is exciting and fun, and putting them together is pure joy, but weaving in the tails? Boo.

Now I’m on to the borders for the squares. I’m roughly halfway done with all of the borders (each square gets two!), and I’m hoping to be finished with that by the end of the week. Come this weekend, prepare to join!

still haven’t decided how I want to join my squares. I’m equally torn between the Invisible Seam (reverse mattress stitch) and the Flat Braid methods. On the one hand, I prefer to use a crochet hook where I can, and I love the look of the flat braid. On the other hand, I just don’t know how it will go with the square designs.

Either way, I’ll have to make a decision soon. Once I decide, I will post a video showing my method to help out those crafters who are new to joining squares or those who just want a refresher.

In the meantime, I’m going to celebrate the end of those pesky ends! (I know there are going to be some left after the borders and joining, but hey, those don’t count!)

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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  1. I just did a simple sc row in black around each square and am whip stitching them together. it’s a christmas present and I need to mail it off soon

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