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Happy Thursday, crafters!

I am so glad to be back among the land of the living. We had a pretty harsh windstorm wipe through our entire state, and I’ve been without electricity at home for a while now. I am incredibly grateful for the servicemen in my hometown and for all of their hard work restoring power to our city! We now have heat and light, which is all a girl really needs in order to crochet.

(Trust me–weaving in ends by candlelight is not as glamorous as it sounds.)

I meant to close this poll yesterday, but due to the storm, I wasn’t able to. So here we go!

When I posted this poll, I thought the results would lead in a landslide win, one way or the other, but there was less than a 10% difference between the options. Because of how close the end results are, I’ve decided to provide square options featuring BOTH designs.

I am *this* close to finishing the graphs for the Harry Potter CAL, which means that the suggested yarns/yardage chart is that much closer to being available. I even received my brand new Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice color chart in the mail yesterday, so I can match the colors of the graphs perfectly! (Side note: If anyone knows of a color card offered by Red Heart, please let me know! I’d love to have one of those, too!)

Keep an eye out for the the yardage chart AND [spoilers] some pretty neat extra bonus squares for the Whovian CAL!

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