Top & Bottom Panels (Whovian CAL)

They’re here at last!

These top and bottom panel pieces for the Whovian CAL have taken a long time for me to write up the instructions. Due to a technical error, I had lost one of the patterns with the written instructions immediately after I finished it, and I didn’t realize it until I had already started on the second panel’s pattern. I spent a good chunk of yesterday re-writing the instructions for my first panel, but all that hard work has paid off! Both the top and bottom panels are ready, and I’m super excited about them.



I’m not personally crocheting these panels for my Whovian graphghan because Mr. M. prefers a square blanket, but I knew I had to make these panels for all of the Whovians out there!

Download the PDF patterns for the Top Panel and the Bottom Panel now!

Each PDF contains two graphs: the first graph is smaller but shows the entire panel, and the second graph is broken up into two sections (on pages 2 and 3) so that it’s bigger and easier to see the squares. The PDFs also include written instructions for each panel, which were designed to be started from the lower right-hand corner of the panel.

Note: These panels are rectangular (rather than square), so for most of the panel you will be decreasing along one side while still increasing along the other. I’ve tried to note this in the PDFs as clearly as I could.

And that’s it! Stay tuned for the alternate squares of the Whovian CAL, which will be showing up periodically throughout the next week or two.

I’m still weaving in the ends of my Whovian graphghan, but I’m hoping to be done with that sometime this weekend–we’ll see how it goes. After that, it’ll be time to join all of the squares together!

Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Top & Bottom Panels (Whovian CAL)

  1. Thank you thank you thank you!! I was worried that there wouldn’t be a panel for the top and bottom and now that they are here, they are better than I expected!! I’ve got all nine squares done and am planning on doing the other six as well, by making the afghan longer, I’m so happy to do the panels while I wait!! Yay!

  2. What’s not to like. I love these panels and squares and am finishing up my afghan now. Thanks for doing this and adding me to your group

  3. I’ve finally finished the squares and am getting ready to start the top panel. The finished afghan will be a wedding gift for my son and his soon to be wife. I’d like to have the top panel say ‘whovians’. Any suggestions on how to make the s so it fits in, style wise?

    I have to tell you these squares have been so much fun to make. I can’t wait to see the finished afghan. I’m going to hate to let it go. Thank you for sharing these patterns!

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