Coming Soon: Project Fandom

It’s pretty common knowledge that if you’re part of one fandom, you’re part of other fandoms, too. I am no exception.

Making this Whovian CAL has been so much fun, and I can’t wait for the Harry Potter CAL, which will be a gift for my sister. I will be doing another C2C graphghan CAL featuring some geeky aspect or another for my brother, too…and who knows where all these CALs will lead?

I want to make one for EVERYTHING! But I probably shouldn’t. I would be making nothing but graphghans, and I don’t exactly have a shortage of blankets in my house.

*cue dorky theme music* Mr. M. to the rescue!

(While washing dishes, no less) Mr. M. came up with a brilliant solution to my many fandom problem: why not make fandom coasters? Everyone needs coasters, and you can make a customized set that features all of your favorite fandoms.

Could it be done? With some careful planning and a smaller hook, it turns out that yes, it can!

What I have affectionately named Project Fandom will likely be a sporadic project worked in bursts between CAL squares. I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but there will be at least six fandom coasters (probably a whole heck of a lot more).

just started the foundation chain for the first fandom coaster (hint: it’s part of the Whovian CAL), so we’ll see how this goes…

Fangirls, assemble!

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Project Fandom

  1. what a great idea. The Whovian ones you have already done would be great coasters. I wonder if embroidery floss is too small to try.

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