Square #9: Twelfth Doctor

He’s an idiot with a box and a screwdriver.

The Twelfth Doctor is one of my favorite regenerations. He’s dark, witty, and he says the most hilarious things! Naturally, I had to make him a part of this CAL.

DW Graph 9-1

DW Graph 9-2

Isn’t he great? I particularly love the details in his coat.

You can download the PDF pattern for square #9 now!

The PDF includes two copies of the graph (pages 1 and 2) AND includes written instructions (page 3), all of which were designed for right-handed crocheters. If you’re a leftie, you can work in the opposite direction of the arrows on the graph or work each row of the written instructions backwards to get the same effect.

Note: Both the graph and the written instructions are designed so that you are working from the bottom right of the square and up. When in doubt, follow the arrows!

This square worked up quickly, but I still have the ends to weave in. As a matter of fact, I have the ends of SEVEN squares to weave in. Luckily for me, the Doctor squares seem to have fewer ends than other squares (I’m looking at you, Dalek), so it won’t all be so bad.

Twelfth Doctor square with the ends to weave in.
Twelfth Doctor square with the ends to weave in.
Dalek square with the ends to weave in. So many! Argh!
Dalek square with the ends to weave in. So many! Argh!

Once I get all of the ends woven in, I will post a video showing how I will be joining all nine of these squares together.

*There you have it, fellow Whovians! All nine squares of the Whovian CAL! Brilliant! I was going to crochet a top piece and a bottom piece to go with this Whovian graphghan, but Mr. M. didn’t like the overall look of it. Since some of you may want to incorporate these pieces in your graphghan, I will be posting PDF patterns for them here on the blog as optional panels. Look for those sometime this week!

Want to see some alternate squares? Check out which squares received the most votes in our poll! PDF patterns coming soon!

**If you are following along with me and want to join your squares exactly as I will, then you will need to prepare your squares for joining. Work a single crochet border around each square in its background color (Sapphire for the Doctor squares, Cranberry for K-9 and the Cyberman, White for the TARDIS and the Dalek). Then work a single crochet border in White around each square. We will join them together with White.


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