And the Alternate Squares for the Whovian CAL are…

Happy Monday, crafters!

Voting for the alternate squares of the Whovian CAL has officially been closed.

The possible alternate squares featured several iconic characters and themes from more than 50 beloved years of Doctor Who. Lots of people voted, and with your help, we selected the six squares with the most votes!

The top six squares are:

  • Weeping Angel
  • River Song
  • Bad Wolf
  • Captain Jack Harkness
  • Ood
  • Bow Ties (Are Cool)

There were lots of excellent options, and both Rose Tyler and Amelia Pond were close behind the Ood square in votes.

While I will not be personally making these squares (I don’t plan on using any of the alternate squares for my own Whovian graphghan), I will be designing the graphs for each of these alternate squares. When they are ready, I will post PDF patterns for each alternate square that includes the graph AND written instructions.

Look for those PDF patterns here on the blog in the coming weeks!

*SPOILERS*: I will also be making a PDF pattern for Missy. She is probably my favorite character, and while I might not necessarily crochet her square, I can’t not make a graph for her! (Besides, you can never have too many crocheted cushions in the house, right?)

If you’re joining us for the Harry Potter CAL in January, then be sure to stop on over and vote for your favorite squares for that CAL! Voting will close Saturday, November 7th, and the squares for the Harry Potter CAL will be announced soon after.

3 thoughts on “And the Alternate Squares for the Whovian CAL are…

  1. Not going to lie, super disappointed that there won’t be an official Rose Tyler square. Oh well. I would love to design one of her, do you mind sharing how you go about creating your patterns? (Assuming you’re okay with sharing)

    1. I don’t do anything spectacular to create the graphs–I just open up an Excel spreadsheet, make my 30×30 grid, then fill in the squares with color! It can be a lot of trial and error sometimes, but getting it just right is half the fun!

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