Square #8: TARDIS (Whovian CAL)

Due to some unforeseen technical issues, I wasn’t able to post this over the weekend. Now that they’ve been fixed, I’m excited to share with you the pattern for square #8 of our Whovian CAL!

DW Graph 8-1

DW Graph 8-2

The first photo came out pretty dark for some reason; the second is much closer to the true colors.

This TARDIS square came out wonderfully! I was going to hand-stitch “Police Box” at the top of our beloved Blue Box, but to do that without showing on the back side would take a lot of time and careful stitching, and I wanted to share the pattern for this square as quickly as I could!

Download the PDF for square #8 now!

The PDF includes two copies of the graph (pages 1 and 2) AND includes written instructions (page 3), all of which were designed for right-handed crocheters. If you’re a leftie, you can work in the opposite direction of the arrows on the graph or work each row of the written instructions backwards to get the same effect.

Note: Both the graph and the written instructions are designed so that you are working from the bottom right of the square and up. When in doubt, follow the arrows!

Picture1This square is officially one of my favorites, and I hope you like it, too! The Whoivan CAL is almost complete! After the last square, I will be making a top and bottom piece to go with this grapghan, which you can either make with me or leave out. These pieces will make the blanket more rectangular and will each be 90 squares wide by 20 squares tall.

If you want get ahead in the joining game and make the blanket as I am, work a single crochet border around each square in white. Single crochet 3 stitches per block. After the patterns for the top and bottom pieces are posted, I will share a video of how I crochet around each square and how I will be joining my squares, so keep an eye out for that.

Excited for square #9? So am I! I plan to have the pattern for our last square available by next Monday!

So grab your yarn and get to work on square #8–sadly, it isn’t bigger on the inside. (Although, with all of those ends hidden on the back side of the square, I guess you could say it is!)

3 thoughts on “Square #8: TARDIS (Whovian CAL)

  1. Hi Alex,
    Is there a way to alter/adjust this pattern to make this particular square (tardis), lap blanket sized or bigger?

    1. Hi Kari,

      It’s possible, but the graph size was determined so that the finished square would be smaller.

      To make it bigger, you can add a few more “background color” rows to the top and bottom of the square’s graph, and add the same number of background color columns to either side. This will effectively give you a larger background, but the same size TARDIS.

      To make the TARDIS itself larger and use the original graph, you can always use a thicker yarn and a larger hook!

      Hope that helps! <3

  2. Is there any way I can get this to download please? The link says it’s no longer available 🙁

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