Progress Report: A New Amigurumi Foe

Friday Eve, at last! This week has felt quite slow to me. Things at my day job are gearing up for a fun Homecoming celebration, and I find that most of my creative energies are being used up at the office. At night, it’s hard to stay focused on the CAL or other projects.

However, I am on a mission for my six-year-old brother. During my last visit, I enchanted him with YouTube videos of Daleks and Doctor Who and told him made-up stories about the Doctor, the Daleks, Skaro and Gallifrey. Naturally, he ate it all up. I’ll make a Whovian of him yet!

My mission is to make him (per his request):

  • a Dalek whose casing opens up and reveals the “squirmy alien” inside,
  • a TARDIS with doors that open (sorry kid–I can’t make it bigger on the inside),
  • and a miniature version of the Tenth Doctor, complete with 3-D glasses.

I knew that the Dalek would be the most challenging part of the request, so I set to work early this week making the general shape of it. In true Dalek fashion, this project has proven to be stubborn and exterminate-y. I finally got the shape of the lower half of the Dalek correct, but I’ve been having trouble with the top.

I’ve been trying to base the design on the Dalek that Rose Tyler “revived” in the first series (left). I wanted the sides of the top part of the casing to open at the front, and I even allowed for the top to lift up a bit, just to further exaggerate the opening for the “squirmy alien”. The problem wasn’t in getting the crocheted casing to open, but rather to stay closed. It just won’t.

In the end, I’ve decided to scrap that idea. It looked funny and very un-Dalek. Instead, I’m going to make it so that the top simply lifts up and can close over the entirety of the alien. It isn’t exactly “correct”, but it will produce a much more intimidating Dalek.

If my brother had wanted a Dalek that stayed open permanently, then I wouldn’t be having this problem. But, like the cool kid he is, he knows that the Daleks like to stay in their casing (he just wants to be able to open it up and see it now and then).

I’ve been writing the pattern down as I go, and I plan to release this Dalek as a free amigurumi pattern here on the blog as soon as it is finished.

Next up will probably be the Tenth Doctor, followed by the TARDIS. I will release their patterns as I complete them, too.

I know my little brother will be super excited come Christmas Day. Maybe I’ll even get to watch the Christmas special with him!

In the meantime, square #8 of the Whovian CAL is working up slowly, but nicely. I’m roughly 1/3 of the way done with it, though I know things will speed up as I get past the initial color changes and really get in the swing of things.

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