Square #7: Eleventh Doctor (Whovian CAL)

Even though my weekend was perhaps the busiest weekend I’ve had all year, I was still able to do most of square #7 on Sunday!

This square is probably my favorite one of the entire bunch so far. (I blame the fez. Fezzes are cool.)

DW Graph 7-1

DW Graph 7-2

Maybe it’s the bow tie. I don’t know. But I DO know that he turned out very nice! The Toffee color works GREAT for his jacket–I don’t know that any other color would have done him more justice than the Toffee. I’m especially pleased with that color choice.

DW Graph 7-3

They all look so great together, don’t you think? (The lighting in the photo is a little off, but I assure you that the background colors are all the same.)

Now that square #7 is complete, you can download the PDF with the graph and written instructions. Geronimo!

Download the PDF pattern for square #7 now!

The PDF includes two copies of the graph (pages 1 and 2) AND includes written instructions (page 3), all of which were designed for right-handed crocheters. If you’re a leftie, you can work in the opposite direction of the arrows on the graph or work each row of the written instructions backwards to get the same effect.

Note: Both the graph and the written instructions are designed so that you are working from the bottom right of the square and up. When in doubt, follow the arrows!

Picture1I can’t believe there are only two squares of the Whovian CAL left! Square #8 is sure to be a Whovian favorite, while square #9 is one of my personal favorites.

I’m also planning something pretty neat for the top and bottom of the blanket that will add some height, so stay tuned for more information on that!

At the rate I’m working, I’m planning to have the next square finished by Friday and the PDF for it available by Saturday!

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