Square #4: Exterminate! (Whovian CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters & Whovians!

I am happy to share that the fourth square of our Whovian CAL is finally finished! This square had some challenges (tip: don’t watch weepy television shows while trying to work the color changes in the middle of the square), but it turned out wonderful.

DW Graph 4-2

DW Graph 4-1

Like the daleks in real life, this little guy is both scary and cute at the same time!

The PDF for square #4 is also ready to go! There are two copies of the graph (page one has a smaller graph but lists the yarn colors needed, while page two has a larger graph), and the last page of the PDF lists the written instructions row-by-row, if you’re not a graph person.

Download the PDF for square #4 now!


It’s hard to believe, but now that square #4 is finished, we’re almost halfway done with the CAL!

If you’re looking to start joining your squares, check out this great post from the Moogly blog that shows twelve different ways of joining your squares. (Tip: I recommend that you work one row of sc stitches all the way around each square before joining them together–this will give them a nice clean look!)

I have not yet decided how I will join my squares of the Whovian graphghan together. Once I decide, I will post a video showing how I am joining my squares using small samples.

Square #5 is up next–who could it be? Stay tuned for a sneak preview!

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  1. The link for the pattern is no longer working. I’m half way through my square. Is there any way to find them still

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