Progress Report: Square #4 (Whovian CAL)

Square #4 of the Whovian CAL is turning out to be a headache.

The major problem is that there are so many color changes in the lower-middle section of the square. Also, I recommend that you don’t try to work on this square while watching incredibly sad television shows–crying and detailed color changing don’t mix.


I’ve finally reached the point where I am decreasing–I must have frogged the last few rows at least three times–and what a relief it is to be this far into the square. There are 26 rows to go before this baby is finished. Let’s just say that I can’t wait until this square is done and I’m working on the next one!

Square #4 might be the most difficult square of the entire project (though I’m sure it will give square #s 6 and 8 a run for their money) due to all of those color changes. The good news is that it gets easier once you reach the halfway point, so stick with it!

Can you guess who’s on square #4? (Hint: it’s a fan favorite!)

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