Tuesday Tip: It’s Okay to Frog It

Happy Tuesday, crafters! This week’s Tuesday Tip is short and sweet:

It’s okay to frog it.

We’ve all been there: You’ve spent hours (or days, or weeks) on a project, and you realize you’ve made a mistake several rows back. It hurts–the pain is physical, it’s real. And you know you can’t keep going until it’s fixed.

Know that it’s okay for you to tear out all that work and fix your mistake. In the end–even though it costs you precious time and effort–you’ll be happy with the results.


Mistakes with graphghans are especially easy to come by. While working on square #1 of the Whovian CAL, I myself made several mistakes multiple times. I got up to about row 45 and realized I’d goofed with a color change about ten rows back. So, begrudgingly, I ripped out several hours of hard work to fix a single square. Now, I thought, it will be perfect.

Boy, was I wrong. About 7 rows after I had fixed my mistake, I realized that I had made another mistake in the same row in which I had fixed the first mistake. It was late, I had a plane to catch less than ten hours later, and I was exhausted. I wanted to cry.

I tore out those 7 rows, fixed the mistake, finished out the row and went to sleep. (I also woke myself up a couple hours later and finished the entire square, but that’s a different story.)

Needless to say, it was painful–but the results turned out to be fantastic. The square is perfect and I couldn’t be more pleased.

So here’s your tip: if you can’t live with the mistake, frog the work. Fix the mistake. At the very least, you’ll appreciate the final results so much more.

Bonus: You’ll also get better at spotting your errors in the same row, rather than 10 rows later…

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