Square #3: Ninth Doctor (Whovian CAL)

It’s #DoctorWhoDay!

As part of the celebration, the third square of our Whovian CAL is now complete and ready to go!

DW Graph 3-3

DW Graph 3-4

Square #3 features my first Doctor–the ninth Doctor–with his sonic screwdriver. Isn’t he just too cute for words?

You can download the PDF graph for square #3 now! It even features handy arrows that help you keep track of which direction you’re working in for any given row. (A super big help, I’ve found.)

Note: If you’re left-handed, work in the opposite direction of the arrows!

The PDF also has written instructions (also worked for right-handed crocheters) on the last page, if you’re more comfortable working that way. For left-handed crocheters, you can work each row backwards to get the same effect.


Update: The written instructions for square #2 are on their way–I promise! They will be posted tomorrow (Sunday), as will a video showing how I make my color changes and carry my yarn.

All of the PDF files for each square, the yarn yardage/color chart, and all updated documents (including the written instructions for square #2 when they are available) can be found on the Whovian CAL page OR in the “files” section of the Two Hearts Crochet Whovian CAL Facebook group. Fantastic!

4 thoughts on “Square #3: Ninth Doctor (Whovian CAL)

  1. I love the 9th doctor he is brilliant. I am not a fantastically quick crocheter but I can’t wait to see what your other squares are going to be x

    1. Hi Robin,

      Sorry about that! The PDF should be at the link on this page. When the blog got a makeover, the links remained, but they were no longer underlined (and thus didn’t look like links anymore). I’ve corrected this. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Is anyone else having problems trying to access the patterns for these squares? I’ve recently found her new website (this one), but the links that are supposed to have the patterns keep saying “page not found.” I hand drew these patterns out when I didn’t have a printer paper available (graph paper-old school style)….but now I would like to finish this project that I started.

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