The Whovian CAL: Yarn Color Chart & Yardage Estimates

Hello, my fellow crafty Whovians!

As promised, I have (finally!) put together some Red Heart Super Saver yarn substitutes for some of the Vanna’s Choice colors I had previously listed, but some RHSS colors just don’t match up. You can always substitute any 4-ply acrylic yarn you like. As long as the color is what you prefer–great!

Keep in mind that these estimates assume that you are using a size I/5.5mm hook and are using 20″ of yarn per “block”. If your tension is looser/tighter or your hook is smaller/larger, you may need more or less yarn than what is listed below.

This color chart covers yardage estimates for all 9 squares (if you want to buy it all at once) and also covers estimates for each individual squares (if you want to do it a few squares at a time).

Download the PDF now!


Note: Page 1 lists the number of skeins needed per color (either Vanna’s Choice or Red Heart Super Saver) for the entire 9 squares AND ARE ROUNDED UP to the nearest whole number. This means that if you need only 20 yards of a certain color, it will list that you need 1 skein of that color.

Another note: Pages 2-6 list the number of skeins needed for each individual square and ARE NOT rounded up; if it says you need 2.6 skeins, you’ll probably want to buy 3.

If you have any RHSS color recommendations for those colors which I was unable to match, let me know!

Happy crafting!

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