Square #2: K-9 (Whovian CAL)

Guess who’s the star of the second square of our Whovian CAL? Affirmative–it’s K-9!

DW Graph 2-1

Who doesn’t love this little tin dog, right? One of everyone’s favorite Doctor Who companions, K-9 takes the stage as the first character on our Whovian C2C graphghan.

Aside from weaving in some ends, square #2 is complete! This square, like the first one, measures approximately 22″ wide by 22″ tall. Each individual “block” uses roughly 20″ of yarn!

DW Graph 2-2

Click here to download the PDF graph for square #2!

Don’t want to miss a thing? Make sure you join the Whovian CAL Facebook group to stay up to date on all of the squares for the graphghan. It’s also a great place to ask questions, post photos, and share your excitement for the Whovian CAL!


What’s next? Stay tuned for more details about square #3, which should be posted sometime next week!

I am also really close to publishing yarn estimations that are more correct than the previous ones I shared. I was able to measure how much yarn each individual block uses, which has enabled me to calculate how much yarn of each color we’ll need for each square–and it’s not nearly as much as I had originally thought! (Again,I’m as bad at estimating yarn yardage as the Doctor is at getting his companions home on time! Sorry!)

Worried you bought too much yarn for the first three squares due to the previously posted yarn estimations? Don’t worry! All of those colors (yes, ALL of them!) are going to be used throughout the graphghan. Simply take a look at the final estimations once they’re posted and adjust accordingly!

It may be important to note that we will not be crocheting the individual squares in the order in which they will be assembled. You can see in the photo above that we started with the middle square and we’re now jumping up to the corner. You can also see that we’ll jump down to the lower right-hand corner once we reach square #6. This is so that we don’t get too overwhelmed with the same background colors as we go along.

By request, I am also planning to have written instructions provided with each graph, hopefully soon.

Happy crafting!

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