Tuesday Tip: Ditch the Scratchy Yarn

Happy Tuesday, crafters!

This week’s Tuesday Tip comes to you thanks to a last-minute scarf project.

In an attempt to get a head start on all of the scarves I plan to give to family and friends as Christmas presents this year, I started to play around with some of the yarn I’ve had stashed away as soon as I got home yesterday.

My brother’s girlfriend (who also crochets–yay!) said that she’d like a scarf in monochrome, and I’ve been itching to find just the right pattern for her. So I dug out some black and white Red Heart Super Saver yarns from my stash and tried something new.

2I made the pattern myself after seeing some pictures online of scarves that weren’t for sale. So, like any crafty crafter, I thought I’d try my hand at making it myself!

I had mixed results. On the plus side, the scarf is pretty, quick, and doesn’t use a lot of yarn. I also love that I can pair it with a cute button (which my local yarn store has plenty of).

The down side is that Red Heart Super Saver–while affordable–is super scratchy.

I’ve been wearing this “test scarf” all day, and the back of my neck itches like crazy!

So here’s the tip: ditch the itchy yarn.

Red Heart Super Saver is good for lots of things–amigurumi included!–but it isn’t good for scarves.

This is not a post against acrylic yarn. I LOVE acrylic yarn. Just buy the good stuff. If you’re wanting to stick to an easy-to-find yarn, try Red Heart Soft. Like Super Saver, it’s also 100% acrylic, but it’s much, much softer. Lion Brand also makes some fantastic 100% acrylic yarns–my favorite is Vanna’s Choice. The color selections for both the Red Heart Soft and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarns are fantastic, and both are easy to find at your big box yarn stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

My personal favorite 100% acrylic yarn is Cascade Yarn’s Sateen worsted yarn. It also comes in a variety of colors and is quite affordable (less than $5.00 per skein). You can order it (and many other wonderful Cascade Yarns) here.

Want to step up your game? Try an acrylic blend! My favorites are Cascade Yarn’s Pacific Acrylic Merino Superwash and the Pacific Chunky yarns.

So ditch the itchy yarn–you’ll thank yourself later!

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