Introducing Project #LoveAPatriot

In lieu of a New Stitch Wednesday post, I am writing to announce the start of a new and exciting project.

It’s easy to feel for a hundred different causes in this day and age of need and charity. Crafting for charity is a growing and wonderful trend, and most of these hand-crafted items to go infants, foster kids, and the homeless. And that’s absolutely fantastic.

However, in these hard times, I know that the love and care of hand-crafted items can be especially enjoyed by the brave men and women overseas who fight for our freedom.

Thus, Project #LoveAPatriot has been born.

I recently came across a wonderful organization that puts mail in the hands of soldiers who receive next to no mail at all–soldiers who don’t have any family or perhaps whose friends and family can’t send care packages.

This organization is called Any Soldier, and I am excited to be able to use their listing services to help bring a little bit of comfort and support to our national heroes.

Basically, soldiers from overseas volunteer to act as contacts within their units, and you can search through the list of contacts using a variety of filters to find a group you want to send to–filters such as branches of the military, current country they’re in, where the unit is from, number of times requested, etc.

As part of Project #LoveAPatriot, I will be posting a series of 10 patterns:

  • Air Force, male
  • Air Force, female
  • Army, male
  • Army, female
  • Coast Guard, male
  • Coast Guard, female
  • Marine Corps, male
  • Marine Corps, female
  • Navy, male
  • Navy, female

My plan is to select a contact/listing provided on Any Soldier’s website and make as many of these dolls as I can per that listing. (Some listings provide a number of people in their unit, as all items in the care package are shared by the unit.) I will then add a tag to the doll with a brief thank you for the each of the soldiers’ gift of service and put the dolls in a care package containing a letter and some of the items requested in the listing.

If you would like to share a little bit of home-crafted love and support with our brothers and sisters overseas, please feel free to use my upcoming patterns. Utilize the listing services provided on Any Solder’s website.

While you’re crafting your care packages, share pictures and stories on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Use #LoveAPatriot. Let’s spread the word and support our national heroes.

God bless this beautiful country and the brave men and women who defend it.


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