Progress Report: Wendy Darling

I have been wanting to make crochet versions of Wendy and Peter Pan for months, ever since I started making my crochet Disney princesses! Because the princesses are a set, and because Wendy (and Peter) aren’t official princesses, I decided to wait until the moment is right.


Well, the moment is right now! My little sister wants a new princess doll. The problem is that she is getting all of my princess dolls for Christmas, and I don’t want to make duplicates if I don’t have to!

Solution: I finally get to make Wendy & Peter.

Problem: I only have 3 days left to finish these two dolls.

Wendy is almost complete–all I have left is a chunk of her hair and her pretty blue bow.

Peter will be more difficult for several reasons. The first is that he has legs. The second is the shape of his tunic hemline. And there are many other, small factors that make him a little bit tricky.

I am super excited to see these two dolls completed! I will post a picture when Wendy is finally done. I should be able to finish her hair and other small details tonight, and I also should be able to make substantial progress on Peter–if I have the right colors of yarn, that is. I guess we’ll see!

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