I’m curious…

The increasing number of nerdy crochet patterns I’ve been working on lately has got me thinking that this could be the bread and butter of my crochet craftiness. While I enjoy a good afghan or scarf, I find I am often drawn towards patterns that are at least a little bit (or a lot) on the nerdy side.

And that leaves me curious…

What sorts of patterns are you drawn to most? Do you prefer socks or sweaters? Afghans or tea cozies? Hats or toys? I want to know!

Published by Alex Mikkelborg

I fell in love with crochet in college, and since then I've made hats, scarves, afghans, stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments and so much more! I also recently taught myself how to knit, and now I have twice as many reasons to buy more yarn! "She who dies with the most yarn wins!"

3 thoughts on “I’m curious…

  1. My kids loved the Pokemon! I like cowls and fingerless gloves because they are fast to make and make good gifts. (not a lot of free time with 4 kids ages 2 to 9). I am considering making the stripey blanket from not your average crochet just to learn some new stitches.

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