Tuesday Tip: Crochet in Comfort

Happy Tuesday, crafters!

It’s not surprising that yarn crafts like crochet and knit can lead to discomfort in your arms and wrists. Think about all of the repetitive motions required–then think about where you work your yarn crafts: curled up in a comfy chair, most likely. In addition to your arms and wrists, crafts like these can lead to slouching, which leads to back pain and neck pain. This is something I am quite familiar with.

My job requires me to sit at a desk for hours on end each day, and while I know my posture is good, I also know that I do have lapses. It’s easy to slouch when you’re in a comfy chair. I also am prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, particularly in my right wrist, which isn’t good when you’re right-handed (or at all, really!).

If you’re like me and your crafting hours leave you with aching bodies, then I have good news: there are lots of wonderful products out there for crafters like us that help prevent and alleviate such aches!

One of the best pieces of advice I have is to get yourself a quality crochet hook (since I don’t knit much, I don’t have much advice on needles). I absolutely love my Kollage Square Hooks. They feel perfect in my hands, and since I bought them I have experienced no pain in my hands, wrists or elbows. It’s been a few months, and I’m really upset that I broke one of them–I love them that much! Luckily they’re made of wood, so if the hook end falls out of the handle, you can easily glue it back in. Now I just have to find my glue…

And the awesome thing is that they are 100% made in the USA! Mr. M. prefers to shop as close to 100% made in the USA as possible, and so even he was excited about these hooks!

Bonus: They also make Square Needles! I have to buy some!

I can’t imagine crocheting without these hooks. In fact, I’ve been forced to continue work on my Joey Tribbiani doll and the infamous couch from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. without this hook, and I’ve been using one of my starter hooks. The difference between a good hook and a standard starter hook is rather shocking. The pain in my wrist has come back, and I can’t wait to fix my hook and get back to using it!

So find yourself a good crochet hook or some quality knitting needles. You’ll thank yourself–trust me!

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