The One With Rachel’s Closet

Since Joey is so close to being complete, and since I am going yarn shopping this weekend, I need help deciding which of the following outfits are the most “Rachel”. She’s got a whole closet’s worth of trendy options here!

  1. Black shirt w/ rolled white cuffs and jeans
  2. USA shirt and black shorts with black tights
  3. Blue denim vest and black skirt
  4. Black tank over white t-shirt with black shorts and black boots
  5. Black top, tan vest & brown pants (at least, from what I can tell, they’re brown pants)


I personally like them all, which is why it’s so hard for me to pick one. I considered those classic blue overalls, but I didn’t want to do them if they wouldn’t blend with the other styles of outfits I made for the others.

Thoughts? Vote in the poll below!

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