Take Back the Yarn

For a long while, it has been a generally accepted fact that the crochet and knit crafts were something that grandmothers did.

But the times they are a changing.

Thankfully, crafting with yarn is becoming more and more popular among young women like myself. Not only are projects for the home springing up in magazines and online, but there are thousands of patterns for crochet and knit clothing items and fashion accessories. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen patterns for crocheted bracelets while browsing the web. And while I’m not a bracelet person myself, I smile a little bit each time I see one.

Who says crocheting or knitting isn’t something a 25-year-old can enjoy? I want to knit things to wear, like striped socks and bright-colored shawls. I want to make items for my house, like ampersand pillow covers and chevron dishcloths. And I want to crochet things for my future children, like mohawk hats and crocheted toy daleks.

And I shall.

So grab your hooks and your needles and your bundles of yarn–let’s overturn this societal verdict that our yarn crafts are outdated.

Take back the yarn, I say. Let’s do it together.

Published by Alex Mikkelborg

I fell in love with crochet in college, and since then I've made hats, scarves, afghans, stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments and so much more! I also recently taught myself how to knit, and now I have twice as many reasons to buy more yarn! "She who dies with the most yarn wins!"

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