The One Where Joey Has No Feet

I had already made Joey’s head a while back (okay, so it may have been a non-magnetized discard from my Anne Boleyn project), so I was able to make some pretty decent progress earlier today.

Joey has no feet, one arm, a hand (not shown), and no hair. But otherwise, he’s nearing completion! It’s crazy how fast it goes once you get to the legs. I may also make him a bit taller–it’s hard to decide until you get the arms sewn on. The beautiful thing about crochet is that I can fasten off at the legs (as I have here in this photo), make and sew on the arms, and then continue on the legs later if I decide he needs to be a few rows taller. In this case, I think he probably will. He’s not a super short guy, anyway.


I also have to figure out how I want to do his hair. I could do it like I did for Henry VIII (a separate colored cap sewn on to his head), or I can try to replicate what I’ve done with Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa–pull yarn strands through and then trim them.

This second method might give me more flexibility to be diverse with the hair, which would help differentiate between the boys. However, it takes way more time. I guess we’ll see what I feel like doing!

I plan to have his feet and other arm done today, plus possibly some of the finer details in his clothes. Perhaps I’ll attempt the hair tonight. We’ll see.

Up next is miss Rachel Green! She was tied with Phoebe in the poll, but I really loved Joey and Rachel (sorry Ross), so I picked her over Phoebe. Plus, I want to do something really fun with Phoebe’s outfit, which will be more complicated than normal, so I’m storing up on my creative energy.

Until next time, happy crafting!

– Alex

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