Progress Report: Merida

The great thing about working up basic princess parts (i.e. everything minus the hair and the little details) is that they work up pretty quick and you can set them aside for later.

I started making the pattern for Merida months ago, but stopped before doing her hair. Now that she is our next princess, I finally had to roll up my sleeves and start in on that wild and crazy mess of hair, and the results are promising.


The bad news is that I still have some little details to finish for her, as well as photos to take, and I want to deliver her to her new home tonight! That leaves me about an hour and a half, if I’m lucky, to get everything finished and get those photos taken for the pattern post. Yikes!


She is really very close to being done. I have to test some things on her hair before I know for sure that the hair part of the pattern is complete, but I want to make her a bow and quiver, too, and I don’t have a pattern for that right now.

Folks, the hardest part of a pattern is creating it. Perhaps that should be a Tuesday Tip by itself.

Regardless, Merida will be done TONIGHT! Huzzah! And after I deliver her to her new home, I shall celebrate by having some corn on the cob and playing board games with friends.

Keep watching for the pattern for Merida, which should be available tomorrow or Thursday! And after that, FROZEN!

Happy crafting,

– Alex

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