It’s a Party!

A while back, one of my friends asked if I would host a “learn to crochet” kind of party.

I have never taught anyone to crochet before, but I myself was a visual learner (thank you, Youtube!) and I learned the basics of crochet by watching someone else work the yarn.

So why not teach some friends some crochet basics?

In preparation, I’ve pulled together a few simple patterns from the archives (Basic Beanie, Simple Crochet Coaster, and Cozy Puff Stitch Scarf, to name a few). I remembered that when I was just starting out, I had the hardest time trying to read patterns, so I put them all into a Word document and eliminated the abbreviations, using instead the full terms for each crochet stitch.

I also put together a basic stitch guide with images. And then I realized that one of my attendees is left-handed! Luckily, I was able to flip the images and adjust. (I tried just learning how to crochet left-handed, but it turns out I am not ambidextrous after all.)

I am also putting together some goodie bags for those awesome friends of mine. They are going to be adorable when they’re finished!

So far I’ve got a small ball of yarn, my basic stitch guide, and my beginner crochet patterns packet inside the goodie bags. Help a crafter out – what would you like to find in your goodie bag if you attended a beginner crochet party?

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