Tuesday Tip: Stitch Markers

Happy Tuesday, crafters!

It feels as though it’s been a while since I last did a Tuesday Tip post–but, then again, it’s been a busy week.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of amigurumi crocheting lately, and since I know a lot of this is done in spirals/continuous rounds, I thought that this would be the perfect time to bring up a handy Tuesday Tip: stitch markers!

Stitch markers come in many, many different forms. They are usually rings with clasps that are placed in a stitch and clasped shut to mark the beginning of a round. They are especially useful when working in continuous rounds, but you can also use them to mark places for stitching details later (eyes made of yarn, mark where to sew on ears, etc.).

I do not use my stitch markers very frequently as I don’t often work in continuous rounds (I prefer to work by joining my rounds), but I do like to use them to help me mark something specific. For instance, in making amigurumi dolls that have legs, I often use a stitch marker to mark where the second leg should begin.

My stitch markers are Doctor Who themed and come in the form of the TARDIS, K-9, Tom Baker’s iconic scarf, and the “Pull to Open” sign from the TARDIS door. Sadly, I don’t have a good picture of them, but here is the one from BadWolfStudio, the Etsy shop from which I purchased them:


Lots of stitch markers come in this form. Others come in simple rings. And then there are other people who simply use safety pins or strands of yarn in a contrasting color.

Basically, use whatever works best for you. If you need a way to mark a stitch, a strand of yarn works great in a pinch. If you find you need a more permanent solution, try out the shops on Etsy! Whatever your fancy (Doctor Who, pretty beads, or even little kitties), you can probably find some adorable stitch markers that suite your tastes.

Don’t lose your place in the round for lack of a stitch marker!

Happy crafting,

– Alex

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