Disney Princess Countdown

Hello crafters!

With the completion of Tiana (and the soon-to-be completion of her friend Lottie), there are only four princesses remaining…

Or are there?


  • Rapunzel – Her dress may require some interesting color-changing techniques that I haven’t used in a while (or perhaps some fun needlework in the skirt!), which may cause a little bit of delay, but the thing I’m most concerned about is her hair. All. That. Hair. If I can finish Lottie’s hair tonight, then I can also start working on Rapunzel! Details to come!


  • Merida – After working through the tangled mess of Rapunzel’s hair (see what I did there?), I know I’ll be relieved to get to Merida. Most of her pattern (and, in fact, the doll) is already complete; all that is left is her crazy curly hair, which I fear will involve the making of a hundred crochet spirals needing to be sewn on separately… Perhaps I won’t feel much relief after all.


  • Anna – Hooray for a hairstyle I can do! (Maybe.) I am really looking forward to the needlework on her dress–I might even venture into embroidery floss!


  • Elsa  – Both her hair and her dress will be interesting endeavors. If the method I am thinking will work for Anna’s hair actually works, then perhaps Elsa’s hair won’t be too difficult. After all, instead of two braids, there’ll be one! I also have some really neat beads that I may try to incorporate into her outfit to add a little bit of sparkle and pizzazz.


Bonus: Because Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise, one could argue that Leia is also a Disney princess. I originally set out to create only the original Disney princesses. However, neither Anna nor Elsa have been inaugurated as official Disney princesses. Ergo, why not Leia?

However, I do feel that if I make Leia, then I must make the others (e.g. C3PO, R2-D2, Skywalker, Vader, Solo, etc.), and the thought of trying to make a tiny crocheted Chewbacca makes my head start to spin. (Although, now that I think about it, they do have fuzzy yarns…)

What do you think? Yay or Nay on Leia? Tell me in the comments!

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