Bonus Progress Report: Tiana (and Charlotte!)

I’m waiting to post the pattern for Tiana because I still need to do her photoshoot, which I can’t do until her frog prince comes in the mail. So in the meantime, here’s an update!

(Excuse the poor phone photo.)


The photo doesn’t really do her justice; the dress details and her crown are a pretty eggshell blue color (I believe it’s called blue mint?), and they are so lovely. Until I put the crown on her head, I wasn’t completely sold on how she was turning out. Now that it’s on, I can’t believe how adorable she is.

While I wait for her frog prince, I’ve decided to make her best friend, Charlotte! She is one of my favorite characters from the movie because of the comic relief she brings when the emotions of the story get a little too serious.

Lottie will probably be complete this evening. She is currently arm-less and hair-less, though both of those features will be easy enough to work up (and quick, too!). Her dress is quite simple and only has a couple of details (the collar and the large pink bow on the front). She also has a crown and I might even give her some drop earrings like the ones she wears with her costume.


The sheer top layer of her skirt in the picture above is an effect I’ve been considering for a while, but I don’t have the material on hand. It would be the first real multimedia effect used in my crochet work (though I have often considered the use of felt in past projects, too). It would be simple enough to work into the pattern, and I could definitely do the same when I work on Elsa’s blue dress.

If Tiana’s frog prince takes another couple of days to arrive, perhaps I’ll venture into the city and find myself a fabric store!

Keep watching for the pattern for Tiana and Lottie!

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