Progress Report: Tiana

I don’t know what it is–maybe it’s the suddenly beautiful weather or my increasingly busy schedule–but the thought of spending one more hour on a Disney princess makes my eye twitch a little bit.

I don’t have any pictures of my progress with Tiana, but I can tell you that she’s about 80% complete. Her head/torso/dress is all finished, as well as her arms, so all that is left is her hair and her dress details. I have half of her dress detail pieces finished but not sewn on; the trouble is that I sewed on the bottom layer of dress pieces, made the second layer, and then realized that the bottom/first layer pieces were too short. So now I have to carefully rip them out. Yay. (Not yay.)

Perhaps I’m just a big procrastinator (aren’t we all?), but I have figured out what I want to make once I’ve finished with Tiana: a toy rocket ship!


I drew a little picture to get an idea of what it might look like–due to my lack of gray-colored highlighters, you can picture the white space as gray. The best part is that it’s made of easy shapes, small enough to be quick, and I can use safety eyes as rocket ship buttons!

The pattern for my rocket ship might be the first in which I actually make charts, too. I’ve been recently entranced by the idea, and I’m excited to finally try it out!

With the weekend so close at hand, perhaps I will force myself to sit down and just finish working on Tiana. I even have a special frog prince coming for her in the mail which should be here tomorrow, so her pattern might be posted over the weekend. Until then, keep crafting!

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