Two Hearts Crochet by the Numbers

Hello, crafters!

It’s a new day and a new month, so I decided to check in on the blog stats for March, and WOW!


When I started this blog in January, I ended that first month with a total of 63 views, all from the United States (and probably mostly from family and friends, if we’re being honest here).

February was a fantastic month for the blog. We had 329 views. Most of those views were still in the US, but the rest were scattered across the globe, reaching the UK, Japan, South Africa, and plenty of places in between.

As the end of March tapered away into a windy spring beginning, I was pleased to know that the blog had spread even further around the world. As of 11:59 PM on March 31st, the blog counted a total of 408 views for the month of March. Only a bit more than half hailed from the US; the rest came from the UK, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Macedonia, Greenland, and so many other wonderful places!

I can’t believe the growth this blog has seen in the past few months. Who knows where the future will take us? Keep sharing and keep commenting; without you, my crafty reader, this blog is nothing!

Also, since it’s the beginning of a new month, keep your eyes open for an upcoming post about the Two Hearts Crochet April Giveaway Event!

Published by Alex Mikkelborg

I fell in love with crochet in college, and since then I've made hats, scarves, afghans, stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments and so much more! I also recently taught myself how to knit, and now I have twice as many reasons to buy more yarn! "She who dies with the most yarn wins!"

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