Tuesday Tip: The Spare Moments

This past weekend, I went on a shopping binge and spent more money than originally planned–isn’t that how it always goes?–and not a single penny went towards yarn.

I’m as shocked as you are. (But I got a lot of other wonderful things.)

It’s been a difficult few days for crochet. That was Sunday. Yesterday, I literally couldn’t move my arm because I carried so many shopping bags the day before, so no crochet there, either. Now it’s Tuesday, and Pocahontas’ head is still giving me an accusatory stare from the coffee table.

Sadly, this evening, too, is earmarked for other activities (i.e. building bookcases).

I can justify it because half of the bookcases will be replacing my current yarn station, and I’ll have so much more space for my yarn crafting books and supplies, but I desperately want Pocahontas to be more than just a head. Now that I’ve learned how to crochet legs onto my amigurumi princesses, I just want to make as many of them as I can!

Unfortunately, as with all hobbies, life is busy getting in the way.

Mr. M wanted to continue our work on the bookcases last night, but I was so sore that I just couldn’t do it. I really should have crocheted last night while I had the chance.

This Tuesday’s Tip: Use every spare moment you have and never take it for granted.

Mr. M and I have had many long talks about our future, which definitely involves children (whom we affectionately call “Junior” or “Stormageddon”–bonus points if you catch that reference), and I know that when that day comes, my crochet time will vanish even more quickly than it already does.

So I’m going to try and take this Tuesday Tip to heart and use each and every moment I get. Sure, sometimes I will prefer a quiet moment with a good book over my yarn and hooks. But when I have the opportunity, I will use each and every spare moment wisely–whether it’s with a good book, a nice sunset, a hot cup of cocoa, or a pile of yarn.

Happy crafting,

– Alex

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